Sunday, May 10 was Mother’s Day 2020.
Whether you spent the day with your mother in person or virtually, or like me- remembering one who has passed—it is a day of reflection filled with memories.
For most of us, our mothers are among our most influential relationships. They are our first teachers, as well as the nurturing person who supports us in ways that we don’t realize until often much later.

When I think about how I gravitated to the world of fashion, I realize more and more that it all started with my mother. The love of beautiful clothing, proper fit, good quality, the attention to color, accessories and appropriate dressing seemed to be transmitted very early in my existence, as if it were part of my DNA. My mother insisted that both my sister and I were dressed suitably for every occasion. Colors had to be matched and coordinated, and outfits had to be seasonally acceptable (growing up in the eastern section of the country meant no white before Memorial Day or after Labor Day.) Accessories, like hats, gloves, and a bit of jewelry completed the outfit if the occasion required. We were certainly far from wealthy, however, we always seemed to have some new clothes, especially for holidays. She was able to pull together nice outfits for herself, my sister and I with few resources. The clothes had to fit correctly, and were of good quality. She had a discerning eye.

Although she maintained she could not sew her own or our clothes, she made countless doll clothes. Christmas morning brought new dolls, complete with their own wardrobes that included items she and my grandmother had created and sewn mostly by hand.

I think she was probably delighted when I chose to pursue fashion as a career. After all, she was the one who planted the seeds with her own enthusiasm for fashion early my life. I remember her smile when I completed a dress for her milestone high school reunion. Her attention to her own appearance gave her self-confidence she might not have had otherwise. Spending time on our appearance gives us poise and assurance whether we are attending social events or heading to work. I find that a bit of makeup and some earrings boosts my motivation and outlook even when I am working from home. I am amazed when I hear women say they no longer need clothes because they are retiring. Like an active social life, the act of choosing a pleasing outfit, the attention to putting yourself together just naturally lifts your attitude, and boosts morale. It may not be your business suit, but it needs to say, “I care about myself,” because after all, you do.

I would love to hear what your mother inspired in you. Please leave a comment below or use the “Contact Me” page to send a message.