From:   Meaghan, Nipomo, California

I struggled with accepting my figure for years, making fun at every aspect of my physical appearance so that I would seem humble and truthful. I dressed myself so that I would never have to worry if people would stare, judge and I would never show my chunks or lumps. Until recently, and I mean within the past few weeks, I despised my wardrobe. I dressed according to what society or the workplace demanded for 15 years. I used to love my “hippie/goth/vintage/50’s” style, that didn’t work in a professional setting. I was tired of not being able to show who I was, hiding my tattoos and essentially my personality. Now that I run my own business, I’m able to dress how I want however, I’ve forgotten what I enjoy wearing.
My friend and professional wardrobe/fashion consultant Pam Baczuk completely turned my bad attitude towards my body and gave me the tools and confidence to shop for my “perfect hourglass shape!” WHAT?! So you mean I have been hiding my body for years because society had be believing that since I can’t fit into run of the mill, standard cheap clothing I’m not worthy of fashionable styles or looking good?
If you know me well, you know I hate shopping for clothes, but now that I know what I should and shouldn’t wear for my body type, what colors do not compliment my skin tone, I am so excited to get out (someday) and get clothes that I want to wear, that compliment me and make me feel more confident. I cannot thank Pam enough!! Get her on your books and start dressing for YOU! It is well worth every single penny! She is into reducing your carbon footprint, finding fashion that is classy, that lasts and is in some cases organic, recycled or thrifted. I love that!”